2022 Community Day Raffle

What is the raffle for?

We are excited for another successful Community Day celebration for our township! A lot goes into preparing for this event, in addition to labor time we also orchestrate the purchasing of live music, activities for children, fireworks and more! These activities are expenses that increase each year. In an effort to deliver the same great community day, we have instituted a community raffle! This raffle will help offset the cost of creating this great day while also awarding the winner with a grand prize – the opportunity to launch our fireworks display at the end of the night!

How can I purchase a raffle?

Instructions on how to purchase a ticket prior to Community Day

  1. Click on the donation button on our website (or the full link below).
  2. Make a donation for the below amount
    • $1 = 1 ticket
    • $5 = 6 tickets
    • $10 = 14 tickets
    • $20 = 30 tickets
    • $50 = 80 tickets
  3. Print your receipt and bring it to Community Day. A member of our team will be available at the Township/FOEG (Friends of East Goshen) table to provide you with the appropriate number of tickets based on your receipt.

Instructions on how to purchase a ticket at Community Day

  1. Come to Community Day!
  2. Then visit the Township/FOEG (Friends of East Goshen) table to purchase your tickets.
  3. Cross your fingers that you win our grand prize!

If I have any questions regarding the raffle, who do I contact?

If you have any questions, we recommend reading this page in its entirety. If you still have an additional question, please feel free to reach out to Jason Lang at 610-692-7171.

What does my donation go towards?

The Friends of East Goshen team is proud to support events like Community Day. Your donation will go towards event expenses that tend to inflate in cost year after year including, but not limited to fun-filled activities like the moon bounce rentals, acquiring a band/DJ for live music, acquiring a petting zoo, the pony rides, and more!

What is the grand prize if my raffle is chosen?

You (or a friend/family member of your choosing) will be selected to HIT THE BIG RED BUTTON to LAUNCH the FIREWORKS DISPLAY at the end of the night!!!!